Tint Lenses to add glare reduction, enhance contrast and improve aesthetics

                     A popular neutral tint allows pure colour perception
                              Reduce brightness and glare
                              For driving, outdoor sports such as golf, running or cycling

Yellow / Orange    Increase contrast in hazy, foggy or low light conditions
                                Objects appear sharper indoors and outdoors
                                Some colour distortion
                                For snow activities and indoor ball sports

Green                     Filters some blue light and reduces glare
                                Offers high contrast and visual sharpness
                                For precision sports such as tennis, baseball and golf

Amber / Brown     Reduces glare and blocks blue light, brightening vision on cloudy days
Increases contrast and visual acuity, especially green and blue backgrounds
For fishing, baseball, golf, hunting, cycling and water sports

Rose / Red             Increases contrast by blocking blue light.
                                Soothing on the eyes for longer wear times
                                Help with visibility while driving.