How to read your spectacle prescription (Rx)?

We read it for you! As a safety standard, we would like to ensure your order details are accurately placed, your frame is suitable for your lenses and your prescription is valid. Simply upload a copy of your prescription and we will check the details for you.

Spherical power (SPH) is the strength of lenses to correct your vision. In general, minus powers correct myopia by helping patients gain better distance vision and plus powers provide more focusing power to correct hyperopia/presbyopia helping patients see better up close. This is measured in dioptres (D)

Cylinder power (CYL) corrects astigmatism, when the eye curvatures are more rugby ball (toric) shaped, rather than perfectly ping pong (sphere) shaped, the blur is uneven. This is additional power for those with astigmatism only. This is also measured in dioptres of cylinder. 

AXIS - The cylinder power is placed at a specific axis where the change in power is required. This is measured in degrees.

PRISM - Extra prescribed prism bends light to correct double vision or eye alignment weaknesses. This is measured in prism dioptres. We do not provide online orders requiring prism correction. A face-to-face consultation is recommended to ensure acceptable lens fitting.  

What will the lenses be used for? 

Distance - Driving, watching TV, maybe for general activities
Intermediate - Arms-length distances such as desk/computer work and cooking
Reading - Reading books, tablets, smart phones and crafts. 

PD – The distance between the centres of your pupils. 

Your PD is wider when looking far and narrower when looking up close. This is measured in millimetres.

It is important that PDs are accurate to ensure lenses are appropriately centred in the frames. There are various instructions to measure this yourself at home or asking a friend to measure this for you. However, the most accurate measurement is done face-to-face by an eye care professional.  

High power lenses, prism, bifocals, extended focus and multifocals perform best with proper face-to-face frame fitting and measurements. Therefore, we do not complete these orders online. Our online shop makes browsing easier for the perfect frame style to suit your needs. We can arrange a face-to-face appointment for your frame selection.