Proper frame and lens care is important. Take good care to prolong the life of your spectacles and maintain comfortable and clearer vision.

Always carry your glasses and sunglasses in a case to avoid scratches or being misshapen. When not wearing your glasses put them back so they remain safe in the case. 

Never put them down lens first onto any surfaces, as this may damage the front of the lenses. If you need to place your spectacles down, do so in their case or rest them with the frame in contact with the surface.

When putting your glasses on or taking them off, use both hands so that the arms aren't pulled out of shape. 

We recommend that you clean your glasses, at least once a day and generally first thing in the morning or before you need to use them, to really get the best vision out of your lenses.

  1. If they are dirty with any rough or solid particles on the lenses (eg sand, dirt, sharp dust), you should rinse this off with cold water or plenty of spectacle lens cleaner. 
  2. Never use hot water to clean your glasses.
  3. You can directly spray both sides of the lenses with spectacle lens cleaner (helps to gently loosen debris) and gently wipe off with a clean microfibre cloth or new soft tissue.
  4. You can spray soft tissue with spectacle lens cleaner solution and use as a wet wipe to gently wipe your lenses.   
  5. Lens cleaner wet wipes are ok to use, but should be sufficiently wet to help loosen debris and wash away debris without scratching the lenses. 
  6. Never use dry paper products, especially not paper towel, nor toilet paper. Do not use towels or your clothes to clean your glasses. These can scratch and leave fibres all over your lenses.

If you have any questions or would like demonstrations on how to care for your glasses, please contact us. 

To all our loyal customers who have purchased a glasses from our store, we offer free cleaning, replacement nose pads and spectacle adjustments, whenever necessary.