What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt after prolonged exposure to digital screens, including computers, tablets, e-readers, and mobile phones. 

Symptoms of digital eye strain include dry and/or irritated eyes, blurred vision, eye fatigue (or tired eyes), headaches, and neck and back pain.

We recommend regular eye examinations to assess your visual function. 

Having regular breaks, better posture and good lighting are essential. Adequate sleep, hydration, blinking habits and work stress management can also provide relief.

Sometimes improving work habits is all a patient needs. Other times vision disorders and binocular vision dysfunction are the main problems. 

Office, Desk and Anti-fatigue Lenses

In certain cases, we have specialty spectacle lenses designed for the office environment or workplace. For example, "Extended Focus Lenses" allow patients needing reading and immediate/computer distance corrections to be incorporated into the one convenient pair of spectacles. 

Blue and violet light scatters more and hence blocking a portion of this light can reduce scatter glare, enhance contrast and hence reduce eye fatigue for some patients sensitive to blue light.

Our world-class lens suppliers have applied research and development to produce their own versions of blue light blocking lenses. The amount of blue light reduction through these premium products we find to be well received, with minimal colour vision changes.  

Modern digital screens have Blue light filter settings, sometimes called Night Shift Mode or Blue Light Protect Mode. 

Accommodation and Convergence problems may sometimes require in-depth vision training to alleviate symptoms and improve eye teaming skills.

We conduct initial diagnostic tests and in some cases, we prescribe spectacles or eye exercises.  

If further in-depth vision therapy is required, then we refer patients to a Behavioural Optometry clinic for review and vision training.

Local Behavioural Optometrists include:

  • Dr Rowland Mak at Eyecare Plus Corrimal
    Corrimal  Ph: 4284 0604
  • Dr Susan Bilton at Optical Solutions
    Unanderra  Ph: 4272 9123
  • Dr Malinda Halley at Malinda Halley Optometrists
    Dapto  Ph: 4261 8855