Contact lenses can be a great alternative for vision correction. 

ACUVUE has provided a great introduction video

When you're wearing contact lenses, your field of vision is not restricted by the size of your spectacle frames. Vision may even be superior to that of spectacle lenses, eliminating glare, fog, smudges and scratches from your view. 

Yes, contact lenses should be comfortable

Soft contact lenses are made of super soft moisture-rich materials. 
Hydrogel lenses are breathable, so oxygen can pass through them to help keep your eyes healthy and feeling fresh. When a suitable contact lens patient is correctly fitted with good fitting contact lenses, the comfort is superb and the patient often doesn't feel they are wearing contact lenses during the day.

Dailies vs Monthlies?

Some soft contact lenses may be one day disposables, while others can be reused for up to a fortnight, a month, 3 months or even up to 1 year. It is important to follow instructions and not wear contact lenses beyond their prescribed wearing schedule.  

Medical Devices

Contact lenses are medical devices and should be prescribed by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.

Not one size fits all

Your contact lens prescription is not the same as your spectacle prescription. Contact lenses can come in different sizes (diameter) and shapes (base curve) and not all contact lenses are suitable for every user.

Worried about poking your eye?

You should be. Our eyes are precious. That said, with proper instructions and practice, contact lens use is easy and you need to be cautious but don't have to worry.

It's important to have a proper lesson on contact lens use with an Optometrist or Contact Lens Training Staff. We do not dispense contact lenses until we are sure our new wearers can demonstrate confidence with insertion, removal and the contact lens care regime. It just takes practice under proper supervision.  

If you would like to find out which contact lenses are suitable for you, please make an appointment to see our Optometrist or your Eyecare professional.

    We will only supply contact lenses to patients who have an up-to-date contact lens prescription. 

    What if I have dry eyes?

    Modern lifestyles may increase the risk of dry eyes with excess screen time and office environments. Dry eyes is multifactorial. This can sometimes be a challenge for comfortable contact lens wear. Dry eyes should also be treated proactively to prevent long term deterioration of the ocular surface.

    Dry eye treatments and contact lens technology have improved greatly over the past 2 decades. These topics deserve a good consultation with your optometrist. 

    Hard Contact Lenses & Orthokeratology?

    Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) aka Hard Contact Lenses are an excellent option for patients with particularly complex prescriptions, irregular corneas and for those wanting overnight myopia correction with freedom from spectacles or contact lenses during the day (OrthoK). Our Optometrists do not fit RGP contact lenses.

    We refer RGP fittings to our colleagues Dr Malinda Halley and her associates at Malinda Halley Optometrist, Suite 7, 47-51 Baan Baan Street, Dapto 2530, Ph (02) 4261 8855.