What are "Asian Fit" glasses?
"Asian Fit" (also known as "Alternative Fit" or "International Fit") refers to an alternate nose pad option that is available with some acetate optical and sunglass frames. 
Nose pads are more extended
Frame shape is often flatter
Nose pads are gently curved

For those of you who have wide faces, high cheekbones or a low nose bridge (which is most common for people of Asian decent, hence the name), a lot of Western branded optical and sunglass frames can be uncomfortable as they are designed for the traditional European face.
With the regular fit frame, some people find that when the lens shape is too big or round, the bottom of the frame will rest on the top of their cheeks which can cause rubbing and discomfort. They may also find their glasses tend to slip down (due to a lower nose bridge) and their eyelashes may brush against the lenses as the frame sits too close to their face.
If you find you face these problems when picking out a frame, Asian Fit frames may be the answer you're looking for. The Asian Fit frames can have larger nose pads, alternate curvature of the nose pads or narrowing of the bridge of the frame - but without altering the look of the frame. Most people don't even notice that the nose pieces are different, only that the frame sits more comfortably on their face.

Some Brands with Asian Fit Styles
* Burberry
* Prada
* Ray-Ban
* Oroton
* Calvin Klein
* Airlock
* Silhouette

Asian Fit Eyewear also includes pieces with more extendable nose arms.
For example Airlock's ultralight TR90 range.